Your step-by-step process to creating an offer that basically sells itself. 


A two-part workshop that breaks down how to create an offer you love and that has your audience saying, “OH EM GEE take my money”.

November 12th-13th -- Replay available!


This is the ONLY time I'll be doing this workshop LIVE — which means it's your only chance to get offer feedback from me! Don't wait on it... doors close in:


We’re going to create an offer your audience — and YOU — absolutely love. I’m talkin’ the kind that sells itself! You in?

What’s up, my friend?! I’m so pumped you’re on this page. Chances are, you’re here because you have an idea for an amazing offer for your audience, but there’s just one tiny problem: 

How to heck do you create it in a way that has your peeps saying, “OH EM GEE I NEED THIS NOW!?” 

If you’re new to me, what is UP! My name is Kate Dramis, and I’m a conversion copywriting and messaging expert who has the honor of working with some of the top names in the industry.

I’m also a NINJA at creating irresistible offers for my audience. 

In the last month alone, my team and I have completely sold out two brand new offers — without actually “launching.” 

Here’s a screenshot from our Stripe account for the first seven days of October:  

We did this with no ads or free experience — just a Facebook live, a few emails, and Instagram stories. 


Because we’ve learned how to tap into exactly what our audience wants and turn that into an offer they can’t wait to buy.

Here’s the thing:

Selling your offer shouldn’t feel like you’re running up the steepest hill in your neighborhood. 

And yet so many entrepreneurs tell me that they struggle with creating an offer that their audience wants access to immediately. 

They say things like… 

  • I don’t know how to convince my audience to buy my offer.
  • I hate the way my offer is structured. It feels heavy to me. 
  • I can’t seem to get my community to see the value in what I’m offering. 
  • I don’t even know where to start! 

Sound familiar? 

I totally get it my friend. I’ve been exactly where you are — struggling to create an offer that felt aligned with how I wanted to show up in my business, and that was a no-brainer for my community.

In fact, it took a total breakdown where I wanted to scrap everything in my business to get me to realize that I needed to let go of how I THOUGHT I was supposed to create offers, and tap into what I KNEW my audience needed and how I could best deliver that. 

And let me tell you, friend… the results were OUTSTANDING. 

Suddenly, I went from fighting against my offer and the “right” way to sell it to creating multiple ways to serve my audience — and selling out spots as easy as 1-2-3. And our audience was LOVING it!

Could you imagine what it would feel like to… 

  • Feel confident in what you were offering your audience. You know it’s a total no-brainer 
  • Know that as soon as you open spots for your offer, they’re going to start selling 
  • See those Stripe and PayPal notifications blowing up your phone!
  • Love the way you have your offer structured, because it’s a good fit for your audience AND your energy! 

It’s totally possible, friend. And I’m here to help! 


A two-part workshop that breaks down how to create an offer you LOVE and that has your audience saying, “OH EM GEE take my money”.

  • Uncover what your audience is really asking you for and how to turn it into an amazing offer they can’t resist
  • Discover the essential ingredients behind an OH EM GEE take my money offer
  • Get clear on your offer structure and how to deliver it in a way that lights YOU up 
  • Learn how to communicate your offer’s value so investing is a no brainer 
  • Get feedback on your offer and positioning so you can turn around and launch!

When: November 12th and 13th


Here’s what’s waiting for you when you sign up! 

  • A 3-hour live training session where I walk you through the step-by-step process to creating an offer you and your audience loves
  • A 3-hour workshopping session where you’ll get real-time feedback on your offer 
  • Our PDF workbook that breaks down every element your offer needs and how to position it in a way that it sells itself 
  • Access to the workshop recordings

You (and your audience) deserve an offer you are completely obsessed with, friend. 

Take it from someone who once sat on a stool in front of her entire mastermind and cried to her coach about how she hated her business:

Feeling trapped by your offers (or the inability to get them to convert the way you want them to) is one of the worst feelings to have as a business owner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, friend. 

I’ve spent the last year completely rebuilding the way I create and sell offers to my community. 

I’ve learned to lean into what feels aligned to me, to listen to what my audience is telling me they want, and to take those inputs and turn them into an offer my community and I love. 

Not only has this process helped my team and I achieve our best months EVER in the business — it’s created a business flow that I absolutely freakin’ LOVE.

Imagine being able to show up each and every day in a way that fits YOUR energy. Imagine feeling totally confident that what you’re selling is exactly what your audience wants. Imagine feeling GIDDY with excitement because you, your peeps, and your biz are in total alignment. 

I want that for you, friend. And more importantly — I know it’s possible for you! Because I’m living it right now, too :) 

I can’t wait to see you inside this workshop. Let’s get that offer out there!  


Oh yeah... and I'm throwing in a guarantee that makes this a total no-brainer:

If you don't leave our two-day workshop with clarity on your next offer, I'll refund you. Just shoot an email to Team Kate, and they'll handle the rest.

You know what that means? This training is literally risk-free. You'll either walk away with massive clarity on how to create an offer you and your audience loves... or you'll get your money back.

Let's do this!